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The Flasher

The cast:

Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Graham Chapman

The sketch:

(We see an announcer eating a yoghurt.)

Announcer: (seeing camera) Oh ... er ... oh ... urn! Oh! (shuffles paper) I'm sorry ... and now frontal nudity.

(Cut to tracking or hand-held shot down street, keeping up with extremely shabby man in long overcoat. His back is to camera. He passes two pepperpots and a girl. As he passes each one he opens his coat wide. They react with shocked horror. He does this three times, after the third time he turns to camera and opens his coat wide. He has a big sign hanging round his neck, covering his chest. It says 'boo '.)

(Cut back to announcer eating yoghurt. The colonel comes in and nudges him.)

Announcer: Oh, oh I'm sorry. I thought the film was longer. (shuffling papers) Ah. Now Notlob, er, Bolton.

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